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This home page is the "doorway" to my site. You can gather information about my dolls, my music interests and my other interests by visiting the various pages I have a large collection of dolls and teddy bears from around the world. I am planning that my website will feature a new doll of the month at times during the year.
If you like you can post a message on my graffiti wall which can be reached from the "lips"link on this page or from the menu bar above. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

Hi, Welcome to my Website. My name is Claire. That's a picture of me on the left.
I live in Dublin, Ireland.     I cannot talk or walk but I can travel around the world on the World Wide Web. The Internet is a great place for me to make lots of friends all over the world. I really hope that you enjoy your visit here and if so please let me know.

I have a great sense of humour. My friends think that I love a good laugh at all the funny things that happen every day and I have a few funny bits on my site that I hope you will enjoy.

Jumping Dolphins

Westlife on YouTube - Unbreakable

I love music!  Particuraly popular music and my site has some nice links to great artists. Enjoy!

Playing: Hallelujah
              K D Lang

Irish Flag
Republic of Ireland - My Country

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Goclaire International Doll Collection

Visit My Grafitti Wall
Goclaire Grafitti Wall

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