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Debs Night Out
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My Debutante Graduation Night Out was on June 23rd 2001.

Roses are Red, My Love

A long, long time ago. On graduation day
You handed me your book, I signed this way:

"Roses are red, my love.
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet, my love.
But not as sweet as you."

Although those years will be past and time will move on I will always remember the words to this song:

Claire & Mum Debs Pic

Roses Are Red My Love

Roses At Green Isle

Photo session at The Green Isle.

My Debs graduation dance was held at The Green Isle Hotel in West Dublin. It was a great night and all the graduates were so impressive. Ben spoke a few words as did Amy and afterwards they took the floor for a dance. Best wishes to all my friends, classmates and staff at Scoil Mochua for the future.