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Goclaire Dolls

I love my dolls! I have an international collection from many countries throughout the world which can be accessed from the "Goclaire Dolls" link on the menu above or from other links on Goclaire. This page gives a flavour of my collection.

International Doll  Collection

Doll Collection

My Mum and Dad bring me home dolls from wherever they (and sometimes I ) visit. Some of the places my dolls originate from include:

ME/Asia: China, Pakistan,Turkey,Signapore,Bahrain, Saudia Arabia  
Europe: France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Bulgaria,
Czech Republic,Hungary,Spain, Holland,Germany
Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy, Capri.
Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark.

USA: St Louis
South America: Brazil
Africa: Kenya

My dolls are special to me because they bring to me some cultures that I will otherwise never experience.

It's a small world after all!

I have three displays of Dolls and Teddy Bears in my Bedroom. One is over the mirror on my dressing table. The next is a double gallery display which is above my bathroom cabinet. The latest is a third display unit located on a purpose built long display shelf to accomodate some new arrivals.

All things considered (I hope that you agree) - "it is a small world after all"!

Hidden Treasure - Check out my International Doll Collection  - Click on the pirate

Hidden Treasure

Teddy Bear Collection

This is just part of my teddy bear collection. I have over one hundred teddy bears from all over the world.

Furry Friends

Doll of the month for December 2003 is Fraulein Gertrude from Dusseldorf in North Germany. Dusseldorf is a beautiful city on the Rhine with an old town "Allstadt" that is reputed to be "the longest bar in the world" - due no doubt to the large numbers of  beer houses and and bars. Mum found this porcelain treasure during a visit to the city in December 2003.  You can dig for some treasures of the Doll variety by clicking on the link below. 

Fraulein Gertrude

Fraulein Gertrude
Origin: Dusseldorf Germany Dec 2003