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Welcome to my Asia & Middle East Doll Collection Page. Enjoy !

Herra Mundi Lady
Herra Mundi Lady
Origin: Lahore, Pakistan 1993

The Herra Mundi Ladies of Lahore have a long and intriguing history. They have their base in the colourful downtown Anarkali Bazar.

Anarkali bazaar is the most fascinating of Lahore citys many bazaars. The alleys and lanes of this bazaar are full of exciting wares, especially traditional crafts like leather ware, embroidered garments, glass bangles, beaten gold and silver jewellery, creations in silk. It is named after the famous courtesan of Akbars court called Anarkali (Pomegranate Blossom). Herra Mundi ? -   There is truly a story here for further exploration!

My dad worked in Lahore for a number of years in the early 1990's and has lasting memories of Anarkali Bazaar where this doll was found. 

Eastern Veil
Eastern Veil
Source: Abu Dhabi, 1995

Arabian Melody

Bahrain Beauty
Origin: Manama, Bahrain 2001

This Bahrain doll above is decked out in a traditional Bahraini costume. She was found by Dad in a shop near the fabled Gold City, Manama, Bahrain. 
Gold has an extremely strong intrinsic value in eastern cultures and many of the bazaars and shopping centres in Bahrain have rows upon rows of gold shops. 
Bahrain is at somewhat of a crossroads between arabic and western cultures. The move towards democracy is beginning to gather pace but the proximity of a large neighbour linked by a causway bridge is an interesting complication. 
The question is how will Bahrain evolve now? 

This pair on the right, come from Istanbul, Turkey.  Dad found these during a visit to the Grand Bazaar ( Kapali Carsi - Covered Bazaar) in 1992. With over 4000 shop stalls, banks restaurants, mosques, and moneychangers, the Grand Bazaar is almost a self contained city. The visitor needs to be ready for a fair bit of mainly good humoured barter with the stallholders who exhibit a mean streak in natural sales talent. You may find yourself buying suits that you never knew you needed whilst drinking strong sweet turkish coffee that could easily oil a 4x4 off roader. Dad resisted all other temptations and purchased these lovely dolls at a really "best price"

Belly Dancing is a strong tradition of the Middle Eastern area and some dolls are representative of this tradition.
Salomé, was the daughter of King Herod Philip ruler of Palestine. As the story goes: Salomé danced before King Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee (in the Castle of Machaerus).  Herod Antipas (BC-d.AD 39) loved her exotic dancing and would do just about anything to watch Salomé dance. 

Belly Dancer

The Amir Of Constantinople
Istanbul Amir
Origin: Istanbul, Turkey 1992

Turkish Delight
Lady of Constantinople
Origin: Istanbul, Turkey 1992